• Deliberate, Scalable Solutions for Today, with an Eye Toward Tomorrow

    With application of our intricate areas of expertise, we supply our clients with a variety of services which equip them in expanding their risk management capabilities, from understanding risk, to managing it effectively; eventually optimizing scalable risk management for approved accountability, performance and decision making. 

Advisory Services
Managed Services
Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services include:

- Risk program and systems implementation support
- Program maturity and capability assessments
- Operational due diligence
- Regulatory remediation & engagement support
- Regulatory Engagement & examination preparation
- Internal audit advisory and support
- Interim and fractional risk and operations leadership
Managed Services

Our cloud based regulatory change management technology solution provides:

- Law, rules and regulations library covering 40 plus federal and stage agencies

- Provisioning of ongoing regulatory updates

- Ongoing analysis for applicability, impact and gaps emanating from new and updated rules/regulation

- Regulatory change management workflow tool

- Support for remediation of non-compliance with regulations, rules and laws